Run Dossier

The following is a collection of intelligence that you might find useful in the completion of the task I have set before you. Obviously you have additional legwork to perform but let it not be said I did nothing to help.

The Package

On September 13th an undercover courier in our employ was assailed mid transit through the Redmond Barrens. In his possession was a parcel of great value to us. A response team was dispatched and quickly discovered that the goods he was moving had been stolen. Unfortunately the security tag placed within our parcel was disabled and the response team was unable to track that particular package. Additionally, after executing raids on the traceable Tags we concluded that whoever absconded with the package left the remainder of the goods to be scavenged, creating several false leads. Finally, our analysts have not noticed any chatter regarding significant meetings or transactions indicative of someone trying to move the stolen goods. Thus, we believe the objective to still be somewhere within the Barrens.

In short: a local power group has our goods and we want them back. They managed to overpower our courier’s guards and were intelligent enough to disable the relevant security tags and leave other desirable goods behind.

Physical Description

Your objective is recovering a black, plasteel case bearing the designation “BX363-A”. Approximately suit-case sized, and protected by a cutting edge maglock system, we would prefer it if the case remained closed. That said, its contents are what matter, and if whoever stole it has managed to open it, recover its contents.

Post Recovery

Deliver the case to a secured warehouse in the Renton Highlands. Someone will be waiting for you there with the second half of your payment.


We’ve put together some information on potential power groups in play in the region.

Red Hot Nukes

Dwarfs and explosives. The courier wasn’t the victim of an IED so we doubt RHN had anything to do with this. Additionally, their anti-corporate agenda doesn’t align them against us so easily. Still, they are power players in the region and might know something about the attack, and who might be responsible.

Intel suggests their members frequent a local bar: Crusher 495.

Brain Eaters

Another power group in the Barrens, the Brain Eaters seem to be a sort of thrill-gang of deckers. The lack of Matrix chatter about the events that took place seems to indicate that they either are being uncharacteristically disciplined or they aren’t even aware of what occurred.

The Pheonix House is likely a good place to find BE members.


Cannibalism and violence. Robbing a transport is exactly the sort of thing they would do. Leaving behind plenty of useful goods isn’t. They were one of the groups that scavenged the remaining merchandise so if you find someone our Recovery Team didn’t you may be able to acquire useful intelligence. Be warned though: ghouls.

Crimson Crush

In this day and age its a bit refreshing to see such a traditional street gang. Compartmentalized hierarchy consisting of crews of thugs answering to handlers answering to bosses. With the right pay day and the correct lessons in etiquette this gang could become a more serious player on Seattle stage if they weren’t so embroiled in their racial pride. Still though, this group of mostly orks and trolls definitely has what it would have taken to pull off the hit.

There’s a run-down mall dubbed “Squatter’s Mall” where you should be able to find a few of them.

Rusted Stilettos

Crimson Crush’s main competition, they lack their rival’s infrastructure and wealth and make up for it with asymmetrical tactics. Recent reports indicate that they are recovering from an unsuccessful strike against CC, meaning they probably didn’t have the resources or will to pull off the hit.

The Spiders

An insidious group. More like a cult than a gang. As a result, intelligence gathering on them has been difficult. They were either not involved in pilfering the transport’s goods or were excellent at covering their tracks. Interrogations have proven difficult and we have very little knowledge of their inner workings.

New Player

A common thread emerged during the course of our investigation. Some shadowy new player everyone seemed to think was involved in everything. The accounts were wild and contradictory examples of hearsay and urban legend. Still, every rise to power is heralded by something. Perhaps there is a new player in the Barrens. During a raid against a facility housing one of the stolen crates our team encountered nothing but bodies and carnage. Almost as if someone else had the same intelligence and had executed their own raid.

Potential Leak

Unfortunately, we believe that one of our employees is responsible for leaking details regarding the materials transfer, thus resulting in our current problem. Her name is Monica Raturin and she was one of our staff at the facility the shipment originated from. The evidence against her is strong and should you encounter her during your work we would like her eliminated. Should you provide us with proof there will be a 1,000 nuyen bonus for each of you.

She was last spotted at The Skeleton. This was on the 12th.

Run Dossier

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